Friday, May 6, 2011

On My Mind Today

Things I Can't Stop Thinking About:

1. Ticks are such creepers. How do they get down your pants so fast?
2. What is the best way to store earrings?
3. Are tulip poplar blossoms poisonous?
4. Would earrings stay put on a ribbon? I bet they would...
5. What truth is there to that episode of House where that girl gets sick but they can't find the tick because it has crawled up her lady-bits?
6. If  tulip poplar blossoms are poisonous, how much trouble will my husband and I be in for licking the nectar off of one to see how sweet they are?
7. Why should I care so much about earrings? My ears aren't even pierced!
8. What desserts might tulip blossom nectar enhance? A custard?
9. I hate ticks.
10. I love custard.