Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All In All, A Good Day!

Things I Did Today:
1. Quit my job! Fantastic!
2. Skyped for the First Time Ever.
3. Decided not to do anything with the balloons that are covering the floor, even though my mother-in-law was stopping by.

Things I Thought About Today:
1. That one eyelash of mine is looking pretty long. I wonder how long it's going to get... I wonder if it will be as long as that one eyelash that grew up to my eyebrow and was white and seemed never-ending...
2. Why do the phrases "pushing up daisies" and "coming up roses" mean such drastically different things? It seems like a mean joke.
3. That little bird looks like someone held a white bird by the ankles and dipped it in soot.

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