Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work Out Time!

14 Questions That Keep Me From Exercising:

1. When are you supposed to exercise?
2. I feel like it should be in the morning, but what are you supposed to wear?
3. Your pajamas?
4. Or work out clothes?
5. Do you keep on the same underwear that you slept in or do you put on new underwear?
6. Doesn't it seem like a waste of resources to put on new underwear only to take it off in half an hour when you inevitably need to shower off all that work-out sweat?
7. If you are a morning-showerer, is it bad to work out at night?
8. Wouldn't you have to take two showers?
9. Isn't that supposed to be bad for your hair?
10. And when, exactly, are you supposed to eat?
11. And what, really, am I supposed to do in the winter when it is so cold?
12. Isn't it... bad for you... in some way... to work out when it is this cold?
13. Doesn't walking to and from my car count as exercise?
14. At least in the winter?

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